My objective for starting this blog a year ago was to share finance tips with my friends and family. But over the past year, my blog has reached people in 23 countries! Incredible!  

I could not have done this alone, you made it happen, so I am here today with a heart full of gratitude to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for every click!

Thank you for every share!

Thank you for your comments!

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your criticisms!

Thank you for challenging me!

Thank you to all who remind me to post!

Thank you to my amazing editors!

Thank you, all, for your support!

The past year has been a learning curve for me, and I hope you have also learned a few things. Let us continue to make prudent financial decisions, live within our means, and stay out of debts as we look forward to more engaging blog posts!

The vision is simple, to achieve financial freedom.

Cheers to the future!!!

Happy Finniversary 😊 is 1!