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Money Tips

Do not buy things you don’t need..

The 7-Day Money Rule

8 thoughts on “Money Tips

  1. I go on a date and I don’t plan to have sex but an opportunity presents itself and I need to buy condoms. What’s your advice regarding the 7 day rule on this


    1. 7 days because it is assumed that, after 7 days of waiting if you don’t need the item, the urge to purchase will not be there. This way you can avoid making purchases you probably do not need.


      1. What if it’s a popular commodity so if you wait till after 7days the item will not be there.


      2. If it’s a popular commodity you’re making an investment. That’s different. (Unless your definition of a popular commodity varies) The 7-day money rule doesn’t apply to investments. It is to help you avoid impulse buying.


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